Welcome to your first assessment workout! Enjoy the first week of training! Reminder that warm ups are now assumed that you have done it before we start our class. If you didn’t, then perform 30 Burpees at arrival . This will ensure you will get the most quality and training to your program and not run out of time.


  • 3 Sets Not For Time (NFT):
  • 6-8/arm @ 3011 Seated Landmine Press
  • rest 15sec
  • Quadruped Crawl 10m Slow Deliberate
  • rest 15sec
  • 6-8 Single Arm Dumbbell External Rotation 30X0
  • rest 60sec

+ Shoulder Mobility 3-4mins Supine Shoulder Flexion x 90-120sec/side

Tempo Example – Tempo reads as follows:

  • 3 seconds Down
  • 0 seconds Pause at bottom
  • 1 seconds going Up
  • 1 seconds Pause at top
  • most key is that you maintain the tempo on the way down and you absolutely cannot stop moving with a pause at the top.

A1) — Barbell Z Press

A2) — Dumbbell Upright Row

B1) — Handstand Hold

B2) — Pronated Pull Up Isometric

B3) — Supine Leg Lowering

C) — 3-4 Sets NFT

  • 30sec Good Morning Hold (65/45lbs)
  • 30m Kettlebell Farmers Walk (TOUGH load for you)
  • 30sec Ring Row Hold
  • 12 Narrow Grip Tricep Push Up 20X1
  • rest 90sec
  • *based on your energy levels and time restraints stop at 3 sets or complete 4. *throughout the program you may see suggested weights for men/women, but always modify as needed so you can complete all the sets specified – quality first! 
  • Farmers Walk https://youtu.be/kaQWccrfY40
  • Ring Row Hold https://youtu.be/xG8vvYKaNfw
  • Good Morning Hold https://youtu.be/dV8dGbUaGPY
  • Narrow Grip Tricep Push Up https://youtu.be/faSq4ZzBndU