Assessment Day 3



Strict Press

In 12mins max build to a 1RM in the Strict Press


Weighted Pull Up

In 12mins max build to a 1RM in the weighted pull up


For Max Reps

  • 3mins AMRAP
  • Strict Pull Ups
  • rest 2mins
  • 3mins AMRAP
  • Strict Handstand Push Ups
    Scaling Options
  • Ring Rows for Pull Ups
  • Pike Strict HSPU for Strict HSPU


EMOM x 20mins

  • 1st – 30sec KB Front Rack Loaded Wall Sit
  • 2nd – AB 30sec @ tough effort
  • 3rd – 4-8 Strict Toes to Rings
  • 4th – 10 DB Hammer Curl to Press (30/20)

*Scale for Strict Toes to Rings – Supine Toes to Bar x 6-10reps Have fun with this mixture of breathing, static holds, and isolation movements. A classic example of how we make conditioning work unique with FBB. Every minute you begin a new movement for a total of 20mins and repeating the cycle above 5 total times.