• 3 Sets NFT – Single leg focus FBB Warm Up
  • 20X1 x 6-8 reps/leg Lateral Box Step Down
  • rest 30sec
  • 10m Lateral Band Walk
  • rest 30sec Theraband Clamshell Side Plank Isometric x 30sec/side
  • rest 60sec


  • 3-4mins Lower Body Mobility
  • 2mins Banded Ankle Mobilization/side  
  1. Lateral Banded Walk https://youtu.be/zT09KKiAJ0w
  2. Lateral Box Step Down https://youtu.be/S5onhmaz_nQ
  3. Theraband Clamshell Plank Isometric https://youtu.be/BoKSRGGPQto
  4. Banded Ankle Mobilization https://youtu.be/vLHlNOvBaYM

A) — Abduction Bias RNT Goblet Squat

  • 4111; 6-8reps/side; rest 60sec between legs x 2 sets
  • *Positional Strength Work
  • *LIGHT LOAD – Positional focus
  • Demo video https://youtu.be/jJc6tsOQVVc

Tempo Example – Tempo reads as follows:

  • 4 seconds Down
  • 1 seconds Pause at bottom
  • 1 seconds going Up
  • 1 seconds Pause at top
  • most key is that you maintain the tempo on the way down and you absolutely cannot stop moving with a pause at the top.

B) — Box Squat

  • 21X1; 5,5,5,5; rest 2-3mins
  • *Increase load each set – make only last set TOUGH
  • *Box height is such that when seated thighs are parallel to floor
  • *This is four sets of 5 reps each with 2-3 min rest between sets
  • Demo videohttps://youtu.be/7iw2gLZKZ0w

C) — DB Suitcase RNT Step Up

  • 21X1; 8-10/leg; rest 60sec between legs x 3 sets
  • *Light load – focus on tempo and hip control
  • *Prioritize the forward leg and NOT driving up off the back leg
  • *Box height is just below the knee
  • Demo videohttps://youtu.be/RVXIMh_Mk9c

D) — 3-5 Sets Increasing Effort Per Set

  • 10 Dumbbell Thrusters 50/35
  • rest 15sec
  • 10 Dumbbell Burpees 50/35
  • rest 15sec Sled Push 20m Tough
  • rest 15sec
  • Assault Bike 60sec
  • rest walk 2mins

  • *No sled? Substitute with Pull a band in a rig, plate push or pull, or dumbbell bear crawl
  • *Every set increase the number of Calories you get on the Assault Bike and increase the speed of your DB burpees
  • *If your movement quality remains high and you are able to continue to increase your pace on each set, continue to 4 or 5 sets. Otherwise if quality or pace drops, terminate after set 3.
  • *Suggested weight is 50 pounds per hand for men, 35 for women – scale as needed to make sure you can truly increase pace for at least 3 sets.
  1.  Sled Push https://youtu.be/_mPxnqOrjNY
  2.  Dumbbell Thruster https://youtu.be/VdPjfmRcQfw
  3. Dumbbell Burpee https://youtu.be/AUmrtIzF4IE