Recovery Session with Dr Teddy Willsey #1

Recovery day can be handled a number of different ways. There is a common theme: we want minimal external load and a lot of movement. The recovery sessions throughout this series vary from active and dynamic warm-up movements to things like light medicine ball tosses and corrective exercises with bands. We also love things like going for hikes, bike rides, and long walks.

When the opportunity is ripe, get outside and replenish your system with a dose of fresh air and sunlight. I love to bring my bands or TRX with me and find an outdoor spot for days like this. Don’t take anything to failure. Don’t leave tired. Instead, leave feeling refreshed. We suggest 45-60 minutes, but this time can change based on the intensity of your activity.

Throughout these twelve weeks we want you to learn what kind of recovery works for you. We will expose you to different combinations of stretches, exercises and movements. Hopefully, you will try some new things that can have the power improve how you feel on a weekly basis. These recovery workouts will have a variety of “corrective exercises” and activation movements built in, take note of ones you like.

3-5 rounds here

  1. Jump rope @ relaxed pace x 30-45 sec
  2. Cat/Camel x 8-10
  3. Band rotation x 10e (can use med ball too)
  4. Greatest stretch alive x 6 each side (rotate both ways)
  5. Band pull-apart x 12
  6. Band squat x 5-10
  7. Band good morning x 5-10
  8. Mini band hand walks on wall x 5-8 (up and down = 1)

All the best, Teddy

Demo video