Week 12 – Day 59

3 Sets
20m Bottoms Up Kettlebell Single Arm Carry/arm
15 Band Resisted Glute Bridges

A) Back Rack Reverse Lunge

Build to a 10RM Alternating Legs 5/leg

B) For Time

Back Squat 255/170
9-7-5-3 (7-5-3-1)
Ring Muscle Ups

*scale loads back to something you feel confident to tackle
*if you don’t have your ring musle ups yet you can do bar muscle ups or you can perfrom 12-9-6-3 of burpee C2B Pull ups

C) 20mins AMRAP

30′ HS Walk (6 Wall Walks)
2 Rope Climbs
1 Turkish Get Up R 70/53
1 Turkish Get Up L 70/53