Week 12 – Day 60

Hamstring and Scapular Prefatigue Pump
3 sets
Rower Hamstring Curls x 10 reps 30X0
rest 30sec
Band Pull Aparts x 20 reps
rest 30sec

A) Touch and Go Power Clean and Jerk

Build to a 2RM for the day – no pauses at the shoulder or the hang. Must be fluid from bottom to top and back down. You can pause for a moment at the top of the jerk and reset.

B) Conventional Deadlift

Build to a 3RM Touch and Go in 15mins

C) For Time

Row 1k
30 Toes to Rings
20 Dual KB Clean and Jerk 53/35
Row 750m
20 Toes to Rings
15 Dual KB Clean and Jerk 53/35
Row 500m
10 Toes to Rings
10 Dual KB Clean and Jerk 53/35