Recovery Concepts

Recovery Day – The focus of this day is about getting outside to enjoy your body and your fitness. Ideally you will find something to do that will allow you to break a sweat for 45-60mins continuously. Ideal recovery movements do not involve external loads or lots of eccentric contractions of your own body weight. That means NO swinging a kettlebell and doing push ups and air squats until you are blue in the face. Instead, try something like a bike ride, swim, walk, hike, row. It is important to know what constitutes recovery versus work for you. This is different for every individual. People can hike for 60 minutes over rolling terrain and feel refreshed. I cannot, however, climb 4000 vertical feet on rugged terrain and call it active recovery. Start to get in tune with what kind of activity leaves you feeling refreshed and better for the next day!
Regards, Coach Khang

When in Doubt! WALK. Unplugged. No Headphones. No Cell Phone. Just You and the World. – 60mins Continuous