Week 2 – Day 10

Aerobic Primer
30sec Assault Bike @ 75-80% x 8 sets
30sec Rest
*build your pace with each set
3-4 Sets – RUMP PUMP
10 B-stance hip thrusts⁣⁣/leg
10 Deficit Stiff Leg KB Deadlift (light) 3010
30sec Star Side Plank/side
https://youtu.be/-9toG6869YY Star Plank
https://youtu.be/mqSuyvXIWgU B stance hip thrust

A1) Back Squat

4141; 4,4,4; rest 30sec

A2) Staggered Stance Contralateral Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

3131; 6/leg; rest 3mins x 3 sets

B1) Dumbbell Suitcase Reverse Lunge

30X0; 6-8/leg x 1 set; 4-6/leg x 2 sets; rest 30sec between legs; rest 90sec

B2) Back Extensions

4111; 5-7reps; rest 90sec x 3

C) Steady Grind Continuous

2min Reverse Sled Drag
1min One Leg Wall Sit R
1min Turkish Get Up R 53/35lbs
2min Lateral Box Step Overs 20/16″
1min One Leg Wall Sit L
1min Turkish Get Up L 53/35lbs
2mins Forward Sled Drag

*for the wall sit if you have to break be sure to only count the actual time you are in the position until 1min is reached
*for the other movements just find a steady pace and accumulate reps or distance during the alotted time
https://youtu.be/LkqIu3YpRNo TGU
https://youtu.be/_mPxnqOrjNY sled push
https://youtu.be/2v-yninc1ww wall walks
https://youtu.be/tLh3S7PO-Xo reverse sled drag
https://youtu.be/l6fD8dkbOIg Single leg wall sit
https://youtu.be/6O9tCAwLW8E Lateral Box stepover
https://youtu.be/0zQqXUX0iVo Forward sled drag