A1) Barbell Z Press

4141; 4-6reps x 1 sets; 3-5reps; x 2 sets; rest 75sec

Demo video https://youtu.be/D73Oy2m-Uoc

A2) Single Arm Dumbbell Upright Row

2121; 6/arm; rest 75sec x 3

Demo videohttps://youtu.be/kSrITY6J7qo

B1) Handstand Hold

30-50sec Unbroken; rest 60sec x 3

*extend your sets from last week *if you need to break up the set into multiple sets to reach 30sec that is OK

Demo video https://youtu.be/ksWW0q78GhU

B2) Supinated Pull Up Isometric

30-50sec Unbroken; rest 60sec x 3

*if you need to break up the set into multiple sets to reach 30sec that is OK Demo video https://youtu.be/ASJztoDk9KM

B3) Supine Toes to Bar

31X1; 8-12reps; rest 60sec x 3

Demo video https://youtu.be/AckyjE7USU8

C) 3-4 Sets NFT


Coaching Points

As you are coming into week 2 of the program I want to give you a little roadmap to the days of training each week and give you insight into where I think you should be pushing yourself the most and where you want to focus on moving well over intensity.

MondayLower/Moderate intensity day – Focus on great positions and keeping tempos super strong on the bodyweight gymnastics and the conditioning work.

Tuesday High intensity day – This is a day to push your strength work on the Box Squats and Conditioning. The increasing effort sets should end with a tough final set and pushing your limits a bit.

Wednesday – Moderate Intensity Day – Wednesday being day 3 of training in a row is all about getting a wide range of movement patterns in. On the Grinder piece I don’t want you trying to RUSH. Focus on quality continuous movement.
Friday – Higher Intensity Day – Tempo is the focus of your squat sets today, but with that said it is OK to challenge yourself week after week with loads, so long as you are HONORING the TEMPO. On your conditioning sets, push yourself a bit here and see if you can stay SUPER consistent on the intervals.

Saturday – Moderate Day – Get your heart rate up and use the LONG warm up to help prep your body after a full week of training. Deadlifts from blocks are the one area to really push yourself if you are feeling confident in the movement. The rest of the day is about getting some hypertrophy work and honoring the tempo and movement quality!

Enjoy your training week.

Regards, Coach Khang