A) RNT Clean Grip RDL

3131; 7,6,5,5 rest 2-3mins
Demo video https://youtu.be/VSMlSDJVG7k

B1) Barbell Floor Press

41X1; 6-8reps x 1 set; 4-6reps; x 2 sets ; rest 75sec
Demo video https://youtu.be/NamiVqVgPTU

B2) Dual Dumbbell Prone Row

40X2; 6-8reps; rest 75sec x 3
Demo video https://youtu.be/BcQbmFkcrRQ

C1) Staggered Stance Contralateral Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

3010; 8-10/leg; rest 75sec x 2
Demo video https://youtu.be/vd5yUqhrQFQ

C2) Kettlebell Windmill

5/arm; slow and controlled throughout range of motion; rest 75sec x 2
Demo video https://youtu.be/3rtUK_jUv4s

D) 10mins Continuous Work Grinder