Recovery Session with Dr Teddy Willsey

A) Recovery Session with Dr Teddy Willsey #6

Shoulder and T-spine recovery Session

This prehab routine and recovery workout covers a lot of bases in terms of shoulder health. Use these corrective exercises for a variety of purposes ranging from warm-up and recovery day movements to active rest during training. For example, train your rotator cuff on days where you’re doing mostly lower or full body lifting. These movements vary from rotator cuff and stability work to overhead mobility stretching and thoracic spine rotation.

1. Mini Band Press Out + Overheads x 5
2. Mini Band Pulse Series x 5 each (15 total)
External Rotation + Horizontal Abduction + Overhead abduction
3. TRX/Ring Lateral Flexion x 4 -8 each
4. TRX/Ring Single Arm Rotations x 4-8 each
5. Bottoms Up KB ground rotations x 5-8 each
6. Push Up Position Opposite Reaches x 5-8 each
7. Overhead Mobility Active Stretch x 8-10
8. Band T’s + Y’s + Angels x 5-10 each Demo video