Rest Day

Awaken Lifestyle Tip #2

We are cyclical creatures. Humans have evolved through many different landscapes and changing environments. One thing that has remained constant over the thousands of years of our species history is the rotation of the earth and the exposure to rhythmic sunshine every day.

It was only in the very recent history that we started to introduce artificial light through the lightbulb. As a result we have disrupted some of the basic biological rhythms that occur in our systems. Many people will never see the sun in a given day as they arrive at the gym or work before it comes up and leave the gym or work after it goes down.

This has been detrimental to the health of modern society and for you all who are trying to stay healthy and fit, it is depriving you of the natural healing powers of the sun.

Sun can enhance natural Vitamin D production, can help maintain normal circadian rhythms that will aid in your sleep hygeine, and can help balance daily energy.

We recognize this isn’t always easy for clients from very Southern and Northern latitudes that have long periods of the year with almost complete darkness, but your goal each day is to get 30mins of direct sunshine. Go for a walk, eat lunch outside, do your exercise or training in the sun if you can, or simply just go read a book outdoors.