Recovery Concepts

Recovery Day –

If you have been anywhere near the bodybuilding world in past or present, then you have probably heard people talk about “fasted cardio” before. Fasted cardio often refers to getting up the morning, and before breaking the nighttime fast, you go and do some steady state cardio.

I’ve taken this principle into various types of training before. The truth is that the energy requirements for most training sessions are almost fully met by the foods we have consumed in the past 24 hours. The need for a pre-workout meal can get blown out of proportion. This can be a very individualized preference for trainees, but I encourage you to experiment with going into training sessions without eating much or anything at all.

Today try getting up and having a glass of water, and then going for a brisk walk for 30-60 minutes before your day get started. Get in your active recovery today “fasted.”

Coach Khang