• 3 Sets NFT
  • 6 Single Arm KB Z Press/arm
  • 30sec Kettlebell Rack 1/4 Squat Pulse
  • 20 Psoas March


Scapular Positional Strength and Active Mobility Work

A) 10 Rounds KB Flow

B) Back Squat

  • 31X1; 1.1 Reps; rest 15sec between 1’s;
  • Every 3:30 x 4 sets
  • *Cluster Set – 2 total reps but you will stop after 1 rep and place the bar back on the rack and then after 15sec pick back up and continue for the last two sets
  • *On your last couple sets try to build from last week
    Demo video https://youtu.be/Rvy12jFLBFo

C1) Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

C2) Alternating Dumbbell Incline Bench Press Top Down

22X0; 6/arm; rest 30sec x 3 sets
Demo video https://youtu.be/KwKL7ZfYD_0

C3) DB Skull Crushers

10X0 (burn out set – go until you feel that burn but don’t hit failure); rest 90sec-2mins x 3
Demo video https://youtu.be/IAHDkC6vJw4

D) 4 Sets @ Tough Effort