• 2 Rounds – CNS PREP
  • 5 Kneeling Jumps
  • 5 Single Leg Box Jump/leg
  • 3 Rounds – Build pace a little each round
  • 10 Dumbbell Power Clean and Jerk
  • Row 200m
  • rest 60sec
  • 4 Rounds – Slow Down and Control
  • 10 Rower Pike Ups 2020
  • 10 Seated Banded Rows 2020

 Kneeling Jump https://youtu.be/pSc_07Mp_6M
Single Leg Box Jump https://youtu.be/L0zdoG31yXg
Dumbbell Power Clean and Jerk https://youtu.be/NfD4aS4qeEs
Row https://youtu.be/gON7XC5WxCM
Rower Pike Ups https://youtu.be/6O8kZDgsRmo
Seated Banded Rows https://youtu.be/oiP_S1jwHvE

A1) Muscle Clean

5,5,5; rest 60sec
Demo video https://youtu.be/2jj8dOe0cdE

A2) Strict Toes to Rings

3110; 6-10reps rest 90-120sec x 3
Demo video https://youtu.be/XTbQsQqEUIU

B) Segmented Clean Deadlift

3131; 4,4,3,3; rest 2-3mins

*TEMPO – 3 seconds on the way up stands for 3 x 1sec pauses as demostrated in the video. For the lowering phase do not pause, just lower in 3 seconds.
Demo video https://youtu.be/NiMKbVupzOQ

C1) Plate Loaded Behind the Neck GHD Hip Extension

3012; 5-8reps; rest 30sec x 3
Demo video https://youtu.be/Nsur1vp2HYk

C2) Below the Knee Single Arm Dumbbell Muscle Snatch

8-10/arm; rest 30sec x 3
Demo video https://youtu.be/WqhTAm4YlZw

C3) Barbell Preacher Curl

3131; 6-8reps; rest 90-120sec x 3
Demo video https://youtu.be/cb6H9ATIbso

D) 3 Sets NFT