Rest Day

Nutrition Tip #5

We have discussed in weeks prior that we are cyclical creatures. We experience changes throughout the year that impact our health. The seasons change, sun expsosure changes, day and night length vary, temperatures go up and down, etc.

As a result of the cycles of the year, foods become more or less abundant during certain months. This is what is referred to as seasonal foods. Tomatoes don’t grow in the winter, and summer time isn’t when you will find squash thriving. We encourage people to eat with the season. Buy and cook foods that are growing at that time of year! This leads to variety in our diet. Variety is so key in the effort to maintain balance and health in our guts and our bodies.

One great way to ensure you are getting variety in your daily diet is to play the 5 color game. The goal each day is to get 5 different colors of foods in your diet. Red, yellow, green, purple, brown, and white are just a few. Have a look at your meals today and the rest of this week. Try to find what your patterns are and if you see the same thing every day, try to mix it up with a new color or two.