Week 2 – Day 7

EMOM x 12mins
1st – 20 Backward Single Unders + 30 Forward Single Unders
2nd – Tall Kneeling Pallof Press x 6/side Control)
3rd – 15m Mixed Overhead Rack Bottom Up KB Carry/arm
Mobility Focus
Bench Shoulder Flexion with Thoracic Mobilization x 2-3mins

A1) Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

3131; 4-6reps; rest 45sec x 3 sets

A2) Half Kneeling Landmine Press

21X2; 4-6/arm; rest 90sec x 3 sets

B1) Supinated Wide Grip Strict Pull Up

31X1; 4-6reps rest 30sec x 3 sets
*as wide as you can get your hands and still pull effectively

B2) Deficit Kipping Handstand Push Up Negative

*Hands on plates for deficit
6sec lowering to floor; 3-4reps (advanced athletes will kip to top of rep); rest 2-3mins x 3 sets
*slower eccentric this week – be sure you are still choosing a deficit that you can complete these reps unbroken at the tempo prescribed.
*If you cannot kip back to the top of the range of motion at a deficit, then lower to a TEMPO kipping HSPU on the floor

C) 3 Rounds @ increasing effort

Row 750/600m
10 Single Arm KB Clean and Press R 53/35lbs
30 Anchored Feet Sit Ups (hand behind head)
10 Single Arm KB Clean and Press L 53/35lbs
*YOU MUST increase pace on Rower every round
*No rest between rounds
*Demo video shows double kb clean and press but these are single arm