Assessment Day 1


3-4 Rounds Not for Time 10 Goblet Squats @ 31X1 Tempo rest 30sec 10m Monster Band Walk/side rest 30sec Row 60sec @ increasing effort every 15sec rest 2mins

Welcome to your first assessment workout! Enjoy these three assessment workouts this week and then rest and relax or get some light blood flow before the first full week of training.


Back Squat

1RM – On a 20min clock build up to a max for the day


Back Squat

Take 85% of the total weight lifting in part A max – then perform 1 set of Max Reps at a Strict 30X0 Tempo Example – Max Squat Part A = 100kg – Load 85kg on the bar and perform 1 set for max reps – Tempo reads as follows: 3 seconds Down 0 seconds Pause at bottom X Up as fast as you can 0 seconds Pause at top *most key is that you maintain the tempo on the way down and you absolutely cannot stop moving with a pause at the top. If you pause even slightly at the top the set is over. – Total reps listed


3 Sets Not For Time (NFT)

2 Turkish Get Ups/arm 6-8 Rower Pike ups Slow Controlled 6 Lateral box step Downs 30X0


3mins AMRAP

Alternating Pistol Squats *substitute box pistols if you don’t have this skill down *scale #2 – Prisoner Step Ups 24/20″ *whatever skill level you scale down to make note of for the future.



60sec Max Meters