Rest Day

Awaken Nutrition Tip #6

Carbohydrates have been given a bad repuatation in the recent years for good reason. Sugar is a leading cause of disease and weight gain for many individuals. The misinformation that has persisted for years around low fat and higher carb diets has left the western world sick!

However, in the world of strength and conditioning, carbohydrates have been used for years as a tool to increase perfromance, improve body composition, and aid in recovery. The key variable here is TIMING. When you eat your carbs can dictate what impact they have on your health and fitness.

Specifically today we want to discuss getting your carbs in after training. The post workout window is the time frame from immediately after you have cooled down from training to about 2 hours after your workout. During this window, if you have trained your skeletal muscles with resistance exercises, your body is very receptive to carbohydrates. Your muscle tissues are thirsty for some carbs and if you eat them during this window they can aid in recovery, help build lean tissues, and help with strength or fitness adaptations.

Revive-Rx have created a post workout supplement that combines Carbohydrates and Protein in a 2:1 ratio that is ideal for the post workout window. Head over to and give their Recover product a try for your post workout nutrition.