Rest Day

Awaken Lifestyle Tip #6

Life moves fast and one day blends into the next. For many people each passing year means more and more things to fill your days with. It means less and less time to reflect on what is meaningful and what our purpose is. It is a vicious cycle and one that is only going to continue to get worse as technology continues to advance and find its way into every moment of your life.

Training is a wonderful time of day to get away from that stuff and be present with your thoughts. I believe that is a big reason many of you likely have fallen in love with exercise. It is one of the last escapes from the fast paced lifestyle many of us lead.

I encourage you to start taking some dedicated time each week as reflection time. Some will call this meditation, others will call it time to clear their heads, but ultimately it is a time to slow down, get out of the fast paced cycle, and connect with yourself. Consider thinking about your purpose, and what drives you on a day to day basis. This might at first seem like a very hard exercise. But with time and space to think, this can become more clear and serve as a driving force in your life. Knowing why you are walking the path you are on and what your purpose is can keep you going through hard times for years and years to come. It can also make you appreciate the good times that much more.

It has been an honor to see you through this Training Series. I wish you the best on your continued journey and should we ever cross paths please don’t hesitate to come say hello.

Coach Khang